We are breaking Guinness World Record for cats!


On Friday 17 February 2023 – on the International Cat Day – we are making an official attempt to break the Guinness World Record approved by Guinness World Records. This record is: „Most individual donations for a campaign on a single online platform in 24 hours” and currently it is 105,803 people.

A fundraiser will be set up on RatujemyZwierzaki.pl portal to help stray cats. From midnight on 17 February for the next 24 hours anyone who donates just 1 PLN / 1 USD / 1 EUR to the fundraiser will help us break the record. What counts is the number of people making donations, not the amount of donation.  


😘🙏 That’s why we have a huge request – we ask you to get involved. Please share our posts on Facebook/Instagram, create a story, a video on YouTube and TikTok, please mention persons who could also joint. We need media coverage and support.

Please encourage your friends and influencers to join us in this attempt!

We are a small organisation, we do not have great contacts, but many of you may have! We ask you to helpu us on behalf of our cats. It takes a few minutes to make a phone call and write a message but the effect may be amazing!

Thank you! ❤️


➡️ This record attempt is a huge opportunity for cats – those that are already in our Pu-Chatka cat rescue and those that we will be able to rescue and give them a safe place and a chance for a forever home. To date, 342 cats have been given such a chance with us!

➡️ We exist only thanks to Donors and we do not receive any state funding.

➡️ At the moment we have 65 cats under our care, many of them are injured, sick, after accidents, amputations….

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